Friday, September 02, 2005


First of the month. Big bills to pay, as a dark empty corrider stretches ahead. Makes me feel great empathy for those poor guys in a mildly similar situation last year. Just how did they make ends meet? I should get together with some of them for beers - compare financial plans, and hug over our six buck pints. I bet Bertuzzi would be particularly sympathetic, striking out and being kicked out. We could bond. Everyone likes a comeback kid.

Aside from the two biggest payments of the month (rent and childcare - see below), today was intended to be a cost free day. I had the car for a change, and slipped my way into a free cozy parking spot around the perimeter of the CBC, saving myself a minimum of seven bucks with pay parking. It was all too good to be true. When I went to leave after four hours marching on the line, I peered through my car window to see my keys still in the ignition. All doors locked. I intentially don't carry cash these days for fear that I will lose control of my hands and end up gripping a four dollar soy chai latte, so I had to trek to the nearest bank machine, pay the buck fifty in a service charge to take out cash, then find change to hobble down to the bus to get to my wife's office to get the second set of car keys. CBC has taken away our cell phones so I couldn't even call her. There I was, shuffling along Granville Street, down and defeated. I didn't even know what bus to take to get to her. $4.50 in bus fare, an embarrassing parade through my wife's office, and an hour later, I retreived my car. Sucky. In the same situation, what would Bertuzzi do? That's why we need our NHL heroes. Guide us, men of steel on ice.

Daily Debits:
$1,150.00 Monthly Rent.

$640.00 Childcare for our monkey.

$17.07 Subscription to the paper.

$42.50 Gym membership. Yes, I use it.

$1.50 Bank service charge to take out cash.

$4.50 Bus fare.

Bank Balance:


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