Friday, September 02, 2005


Call me Paris, I've been out all morning spending up Main Street. Two movies for our fourteen-year-old babysitter (tomorrow night.) What do teenagers watch? I tried to choose movies I would normally be embarrassed to rent. Hitch and The Pacifier. Then a hit at the liquor store. We have three parties to attend over the weekend and can't arrive empty-bottled. Locked out does not mean we can abandon our guestiquette. Can I bill the CBC? They seem to have cash. They sent out management propaganda packages to all of our home addresses this week. I estimate in printing and postage, it cost them $6,500.00. Times must be really tough.

Why don't they send $6,500.00 to the Hurricane relief effort. If they can't provide proper coverage, they could at least do something. So as broke as I expect to be in the coming weeks, I gave a few bucks. The images and stories are filling us all with desperation and anger. I just know that if we were back at work, we'd be at the front of the pack with hard questions and compassionate story-telling. Paralyzing on so many fronts.

Daily Debits:

$19.68 Assorted cheeses and fresh pizza dough from the Italian deli.

$16.67 Fresh produce and organic milk for our monkey.

$11.41 Two movies from Blockbuster. Heck, at least no late fees.

$59.22 Two bottles of red (both Argentinean), one white (B.C.), and a bottle of Absolut.

$1.75 Slice of emergency banana bread for my hungry anxious monkey.
$40.00 Hurricane Katrina Relief via Canadian Red Cross

Bank Balance:


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