Saturday, September 17, 2005


(A long overdue financial statement today.Busy week. Locked out life is somehow exhausting and break-neck busy.)

This week was full of new psychological lows for me. My sense of journalism and the future of the CBC feels even more bleak. I distracted and drowned myself in what many would consider CBC kryptonite: THE MULRONEY FAMILY. Between clips and reviews of Newman's book and the grand finale of Canadian Idol - I took in all of the chins I could get. Of course, like a tub of ice cream, I feel worse after consuming it all. I have never watched so much CTV in my life - I feel like a Red Sox fan hollering for the Yankees, and not feeling nearly as ashamed as I should. CBC isn't only losing regular viewers and listeners, they have lost the most loyal audience they have: US. It is all so incredibly fucked up (to borrow a "colourful" word from Mulroney's "secret" recordings).

Weekly Debits:

$91.56 Various groceries - cheese and portugese bread (Santa Barbara Market)
$25.00 Gas. That's half a tank. We are just trying not to drive.
$62.00 Credit Card payment. It could be worse.
$136.77 ICBC car insurance payment.
$25.00 Pre-authorized monthly GREENPEACE donation.
$316.59 Car payment.
$27.25 Beer.

$26.05 Various fresh produce (local Korean market)
$26.12 Pet food and cat litter.
$25.49 Groceries (yoghurt, juice, all-purpose cleaner, garbage bags, bagels) Safeway.
$21.18 Wine.
$19.34 Groceries (local Korean market) mostly fresh fruit, vegetables and EIGHT avacadoes. Making guacamole tomorrow.

Bank Balance: $1542.63


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