Sunday, September 04, 2005


Long before this lock-out, I cut off our basic cable. It was, as my wife describes, the ultimate cheap sk8 idea. I figured I could save about 19 dollars a month and live without the scandalous distraction of Dancing With The Stars. The savings are helpful these days. But TV programming on the four fuzzy stations I can receive with bunny ears is quite remarkable. In a pure sense, I am a Canadian TV viewer, because it is all I can see. And while I appreciate some American distraction (sucker for a good C.S.I. and Arrested Development), I want my CBC.

Maybe they can explain to me why primetime programming last night was 100% American content from 7pm until midnight (Splash and Gangs of New York). While CTV kicked our Canadian butts with 100% Canadian content during the same time (W-Five, Cold Squad, Comedy Now and CTV News). It's bad enough that we are locked out, but CBC still has the Broadcasting Act to up hold. It's shameful.

Maybe Richard Stursberg is reading his Sunday Times with fawning admiration. Today's magazine profiles CBS honchito Les Moonves - a man with some curious declations about mass television consumption and the commerce of news programming.

It's confirming to read that media isn't all about mass pander in this LA Times article. Long before Katrina hit, read about the work that rigorous journalists did in the civic rather than commercial interests of their readers. A reminder for all of us, when we are back, to pitch what matters.

Weekend Daily Debits:

$13.67 Yoghurt, black beans (and chips and pop for the baby sitter) - Safeway.
$40.00 Baby sitter. (We went to a rolicking party).
$6.78 Pet food.
$6.37 Bread, juice and dish detergent - IGA.
$3.99 Full-week rental of The Lion King DVD - our monkey is really into animals right now.

Bank Balance: $1,336.98


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Vancouver, you should be able to get UHF channels up to about channel 40, adding to the drollness.

Turn on the shortwave instead for better radio

12:49 PM  
Blogger sue.dick.jane said...

with what you're paying your sitter, you can probably find a few people walking the line for a whole lot less. 40 bucks ! jeez, what are you paying ?

1:46 PM  
Blogger doreengrey said...

If the strike goes on much longer, you will go back to this list, and like the rest of the working poor you will realize that you didn't really need the booze, you can't afford to go to parties, rent dvd's or own a car when you live in the city.

12:16 PM  
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