Wednesday, August 31, 2005


These boots were made for talking. And thankfully, that’s just what they’ll do. CBC and our union, CMG, are back for another round of contractual chess. It’s faint hope for a return to paycheques. I received my final pseudo-half of a cheque from CBC today: $865.78. Doesn’t sound bad, but we’ve only just begun.

These boots were made for walking. Kim D’Eon has abandoned CBC for regular and fatter pay cheques. She was a host/reporter for Street Cents. Making around, what… $55,000? Well now she can afford platinum hooped earrings alongside Mary Hart.

These boots were made for talking. That’s just what Sheilagh Rogers is doing – I hope when we're working CBC is paying her a hefty sum.

So the hooped earrings came in at just over ten. My wife loves them. And living with me, she deserves fun party earrings. I made it through the day without spending a dime. Lunch at home. Biked to the picket line. Free muffins. And someone gave me the current issue of VF. See gratuitous image above. Bingo. If I’d have bought it (which I’d considered) I’d be out $4.50 USD. That’s like two bus rides.

Some necessary groceries below. Can’t escape coffee. But I think my wife bought the almonds to drive me nuts.

Daily Debits:
$11.39 Hoop earrings. Clair’s Accessories.

$15.21 Coffee beans, five lemons, gala apples, one avacado and a four dollar bag of almonds.

Bank Balance:


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